Limited Company Formation Agents and Business Bank Accounts

Limited Company Formation Agents and Business Bank Accounts

Friday, 8 July 2011

Business Bank Account

As soon as your shiny new company has been incorporated you can start to trade with it. Great news. However, the minute someone wants to pay the company (the best part!), the company needs a bank account to be able to recieve the funds from the customer.

It is commonly the second item on the list when starting up, following closely behind the incorporation of the company.

Using a Formation Agent like us (Ltd Companies) the company incorporation is dead quick and easy, when it comes to the bank account it can be a little more wearing and they have it in them all too often to ssay 'no'!

Then what do you do?? 40% of business accounts aty High Street level are declined for one reason or another. The most common reason being the directors credit history. Entrepreneurial folk like us, among the successfull ones, have had a failed venture or two. This can mean the credit file isn't looking the best and being judged on this feels unfair and an inaccurate representation of the potential of this new venture!

Here at Ltd Companies we've managed to get four of the hight street banks to recognise this and allow our customers that may have had a problem or two an account.

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