Limited Company Formation Agents and Business Bank Accounts

Limited Company Formation Agents and Business Bank Accounts

Friday, 30 March 2012

Solving the company address mystery!

There is often a little confusion over the different addresses that are required when forming a new limited company and completing a business bank account application form and what each actually does!! This is especially important to note when purchasing an address service.

Registered Office Address
The public address of the company is the registered office address. This is the address to which the company is registered and official mail is sent. This can be any address in the UK as long as it is a physical address. The country in which this address is situated however, is also the country of registration. There are three possibilities here .. 1) Scotland, 2) England & Wales 3) Northern Ireland.

If it quite normal and acceptable to use your home address when starting up but you may not want this to be the public address of the company. You can change the Registered Office address of the company on the public register at any point and as many times as you like. Therefore, this address can be moved when you acquire office or retail premises if applicable.

If you don't do not want your home address to be public or you do not have an office or shop, then companies like ours can provide you with a Registered Office service. Appointing a Registered Office service allows you access to more prestigious addresses than would be worth paying rent for. This therefore grants your company a little more kudos .. especially good if you want to make an impression.

Renewed on an annual or monthly subscription and very easy to set up, our registered office serve will provide your company with a public address and receive official mail and forward it on to an address nominated by you all for one set fee, starting at £89.95. We have a few addresses to choose from, some more prestigious than others, they are priced accordingly. Call the team for more info 0844 5734878 or go online

Trading Address
This is the operational address of the company. This isn't an address required by Companies House when incorporating but the bank will ask for it. This address is where all cheques, invoices and day to day correspondence is sent and handled. It needs to be raised that when contracting and paying for a Registered Office Service as this isn't usually included. If you want your registered office to handle all your mail and not just the official stuff, Mail Forwarding needs to be added. Again, monthly or annually subscribed, we can provide you with this and set it all up over the phone 0844 5734878.

Directors Address
When forming a limited company, the directors must provide their home address to Companies House. This address is no longer public information. the introduction of a Service Address now allows directors to provide an alternative address under which they can be contacted and seen. The Service Address can be anywhere in the world.

Service address
This is the directors public address. Allowing a director to hide his home address if required. Each director must nominate a service address, this can be any address in the world, it can be the registered office address or the directors home address or a different address again.

I hope this helps. The team can help if you have any further questions. Call them, email them or chat through the website. 0844 573 4878, or

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